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Sun Jul 16 13:51:59 EST 2000

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<< Strong radio aurora today, 2000 July 15 in EM77bq, central KY.  First
 signals observed just after 2000 Z.  At this time, 0100 Z July 16 signals
 fewer and weaker.
 Most stations were contacted with beam to NW and as far around as 300 deg
 az.  Most East Coast stations worked with beam in this direction.  
 Now (0120 Z), signals to the west are peaking better with beam to the NE,
 tho far below their strength earlier this evening.  Twilight now, but don't
 expect to be able to see anything visually.
 73, Shelby, W8WN >>

    Although an unusual (for July) cutoff low pressure system brough 
extensive cloud cover and showery/tropical rain to much of the northeast, 
there was an interval of about three hours -- from 8 to 11 p.m. EDT on July 
15 -- when sky conditions over Levittown, New York were 60 to 90 percent 
clear.  Despite the nearly full Moon, aurora was looked for, but was not 
seen.  In the past, bright aurorae have been clearly seen from my location -- 
the most recent case being the deep red aurora of last April 6.  

    Tonight . . . although the various web sites that provide the "latest" 
parameters for viewing auroral activity indicated K indecies of 9 with the 
aurora oval positioned down into my latitudes, I saw nothing to suggest that 
an aurora was in progress.  I can only suspect that the activity dropped off 
sharply after 0000 hours UTC/8 p.m. EDT this evening.  Shelby's report above 
pretty much confirms this.

    Perhaps this is only a temporary lull . . . but even if activity picks up 
again later tonight it will do me no good . . . for the clouds have returned!

-- joe rao

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