Validation of Aurora during Aurora alert

anonymous anonymous at fakedomain.ips
Mon Jul 17 10:43:21 EST 2000

To whom it may concern, 
I am a subscriber to your aurora alert memos and am currently at McMurdo
Station, Antarctica. Our time zone is equal to that of New Zealand. As of
about 2200 hours our time last night, on the 16th, we experienced extreme
aurora activity. This lasted until approximately 0300 hours this morning and
possibly longer (I went to bed). Our skies were overcast starting with your
first alert at 0800 yesterday morning. They did not clear until
approximately 2100 to 2200 last night so I have no validation for you for
your first 4 or 5 alerts during the day yesterday.
We are located within the aurora oval and rarely have extreme auroras. It
was quite the show last night as I am sure it was around the rest of the
Great service thank you. 
Hope I was able to help. 

McMurdo Station (USA), Antarctica 

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