Radio aurora

anonymous anonymous at fakedomain.ips
Sun Jul 16 11:28:43 EST 2000

Strong radio aurora today, 2000 July 15 in EM77bq, central KY.  First
signals observed just after 2000 Z.  At this time, 0100 Z July 16 signals
fewer and weaker.

A southern aurora.  Only one station near the US/Canadian border heard so
far (in FN14, southern Ont).  [Locations using the Maidenhead Locator
system].  Few north of NJ & CT heard.  Across southern MI to southern SD
(EN13).  West to CO (DN70 & DM78), south to southeast OK, south to mid-AL
(EM62!!), east to NC/SC border (FM04).

Most stations were contacted with beam to NW and as far around as 300 deg
az.  Most East Coast stations worked with beam in this direction.  Often
peaked very well there, and was primarily looking for stations in that
area.  But often stations on East Coast were much better at that heading
than with beam to NE.  Often a null to the north.  Tried elevating beams -
no good.  Above about 15 deg el, signals would drop some.  Best elevation
8-10 deg.

Now (0120 Z), signals to the west are peaking better with beam to the NE,
tho far below their strength earlier this evening.  Twilight now, but don't
expect to be able to see anything visually.

73, Shelby, W8WN

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