IPS Aurora Alert - 15 07 00 19

anonymous anonymous at fakedomain.ips
Sun Jul 16 05:49:55 EST 2000

Hello again, thanks for all your informative efforts!

>IPS would appreciate any feedback from people observing an
>aurora giving details of location and time. Please email to
>asfc at fakedomain.ips

This latest one is worthy of note! So far I only have a
radio, not visual, report to make since it is still
daylight here.

For several hours now, this afternoon ( I first noticed
the activity at about 16:15utc but I think it had started
earlier) and still continuing at 8:30pm local bst(19:30utc)
(but not now quite so active as it was)  there has been an
exceptionally strong aurora enabling radio amateurs across
northern Europe to communicate with strong signals via it.

First picked up on 50MHz (usual) then also on 144MHz.
>From anon at fakedomain.ips
and the Baltic.
Also (unusually) middle and south Europe, Switzerland and
Austria were able to use it and some reports even from
Italy (quite exceptional)

I wonder what it is like "dahnunner" ! ?, I have not seen any
reports from Australasia yet.

Best regards,

SW England - near Bristol.

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