[STSP] Invitation of a paper submission to ST17 in AOGS2011 in Taipei

Dave Neudegg dave.n at ips.gov.au
Fri Mar 11 16:58:50 EST 2011

You are invited to consider contributing a paper to

AOGS2011 (08 to 12 August 2011, in Taipei)

ST17 Collaborative Researches and Operations of Space Weather
Forecasting in Asia-Oceania region

Main Convener(s):

Dr. Tsutomu NAGATSUMA (National Institute of Information and Communication,
tnagatsu at nict.go.jp


Dr. Dave Neudegg (IPS Radio&  Space Services, Australia)
dave.n at ips.gov.au

Dr. Ryuho Kataoka (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan),
ryuho.kataoka at gmail.com

Session Description:

The solar activity controls coupling physical processes from the Sun to the
Earth's upper atmosphere, and occasionally causes strong space weather
phenomena. Space weather phenomenon impacts human activities, such as
communications, navigation, satellite operations, human activities in space,
aviation systems, and electric power systems. It is expected that space
weather forecasting minimizes the hazard by them.

We are now in the ascending phase of 24th solar cycle; several strong space
weather phenomena will occur in several years. Recently, several countries in
Asia-Oceania region have started to conduct their own national space weather
programs. Since the space weather is global phenomenon, local and regional
collaborations in observations are significantly important. It is also
crucial to exchange information and results of space weather researches and
operations, in order to formulate international collaborations in the Asia-
Oceania region.
This session provides a good opportunity to discuss the recent progress of
research and operational activities of space weather forecasting.

Tsutomu Nagatsuma<tnagatsu at nict.go.jp>
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Applied Electromagnetic Research Center
Space Environment Group
4-2-1 Nukui-kita, Koganei 184-8795 JAPAN
TEL: 042-327-6095 FAX: 042-327-6163

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