[STSP] Do you want a big Telescope?

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Dear NCSS and STSP colleagues,

please consider whether you - or we more generally in the space science / 
technology community - have a need or desire for the gamma ray
telescopes described below and in the attachment.

If you're interested or see a need/angle, then please let me know and also 
contact Michael Riese directly.

With best wishes,


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Subject: FW: Do you want a big Telescope?

Dear Graeme, Miriam, Harvey and Iver,

I have just received an email from colleagues at Adelaide Uni advising that the Cangaroo Gamma Ray Observatory at Woomera will be decommissioned next year, and they are seeking expressions of interest from organisations which might have use for the observatory's telescopes (otherwise I think they will be scrapped).

Further information on the telescopes is below and attached. If you are potentially interested, please contact Michael Riese directly. Please also feel free to forward this information to others who may be interested.

Best wishes,


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Subject: Do you want a big Telescope?

Hi Kim,
I hope all is well.
Quick question for you:
The Physics Department is decommissioning a set of 10m radio antennas up at Womerra next year.
Some info here (and piccies attached)
Thanks for helping us to investigate possible salvage companies for the removal
of our telescopes at Range G, Woomera.  I have attached some photographs and
other documentation in a .pdf.

This is a preliminary investigation for us but we expect the work to go to
tender for completion in the next year to 18 months.

The major components of the observatory are 4 x 10 m telescopes (the ones with
the multi-segmented mirrors), one 3.8 m telescope (the one with the solid
mirror) with a retractable shed, one multi- mirror telescope (in a large
retractable shed 'BIGRAT'), a small dome (~3 m diameter), plus three
transportable buildings.

Of course, if you know of any possible users of such equipment, that would be
very attractive for us to consider.  The major engineering was by Mitsubishi in

Currently, we are not clear about what components might be returned to Japan but
I don't expect major metalwork or mirrors to be returned (electronics and
cameras would likely be returned).

Do you know anyone who could be interested in those (CSIRO, etc)?

Best regards
Michael Riese

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