[STSP] Launch of the Decadal Plan for Space Science

Phil Wilkinson phil at ips.gov.au
Fri Aug 13 14:38:12 EST 2010

Dear colleagues,

this is a quick announcement that the first Decadal Plan for Australian
Space Science will be launched during the morning of Monday 27 September, 
the first day of the 2010 Australian Space Science Conference.

The CEO of the Australian Research Council, Professor Margaret Sheil,
will launch the Decadal Plan in the event that the Minister for
Innovation, Industry, Science, and Research (or delegate) is unable
to accept an invitation to launch the Plan.

The 2010 ASSC meeting will be held 27 - 30 September, inclusive,
at the St Leo's College, University of Queensland, Brisbane,
Queensland,  Australia.
This is inside the University itself and is very close to
the City and associated hotels and restaurants. See
http://download.translink.com.au/maps/100104_ferry.pdf .

At present approximately 100 presentations are expected for the
ASSC. After the opening morning in which the Decadal Plan will be
launched, the conference opened, and a special session held of
talks by Government units with interests in space, there
will be a lunch, workshops on the Decadal Plan's implementation (perhaps
with an ASRI student session in parallel), and a cocktail reception.

The mornings of the second and third day of the ASSC meeting will be
devoted to invited keynote presentations that describe the
status of Australian space science. The afternoons of these days
and then the whole Thursday will be devoted to contributed sessions (2 in
parallel), with poster sessions as required.

Please try to attend the Decadal Plan's launch if at all possible, as
well as ASSC of course. There will be a media strategy and set of
invitations coordinated by the Academy, as well as emails like this.
More details will be provided later.

Yours sincerely, on behalf of the Steering Committee

Iver Cairns

(Chair, Steering Committee: Miriam Baltuck,  Brett Biddington, Rod 
Boswell FAA FTSE, Russell Boyce, Graziella Caprarelli, Jon Clarke,
David Cole, Peter Dyson, Brian Fraser, Alex Held, Marc Norman, 
Carol Oliver, Andrew Parfitt, Chris Rizos, Peter Robinson, Anatoly
Rozenfeld, Robert Vincent FAA, Malcolm Walter FAA, Colin Waters,
Phil Wilkinson, and John Zillman FAA FTSE.)


Iver H. Cairns, Professor in Space Physics and Director, Centre for Waves and 
Complex Systems

School of Physics,       Email: cairns at physics.usyd.edu.au
University of Sydney, NSW 2006,                Work phone: +61-2 9351-3961
Australia                Work fax:   +61-2 9351-7726.

Chair, Steering Committee, first Decadal Plan for Australian Space Science


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