[STSP] Release for comment of the Draft Decadal Plan for Australian Space Science

Phil Wilkinson phil at ips.gov.au
Mon Mar 3 08:55:14 EST 2008

From: stsp-bounces at ips.gov.au
To: stsp-owner at ips.gov.au

Dear Colleagues,

the Steering Committee hereby releases for comment the Draft of the First 
Decadal Plan for Australian Space Science. The Draft Plan may be found at
http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/~ncss/Draft_Plan_Release.pdf .
You are welcome to forward this email to other space science colleagues.

With this formal release of the Draft Plan, you are able to refer 
concretely to the Decadal Plan in your ARC proposals and give the above
web address as the reference. At least you are likely to want to refer
to specific Themes and Science Goals - perhaps also to proposed projects.
(We are sorry that the Release is only 1 week before the ARC deadline.)

The purpose of releasing the Draft Plan is to receive feedback which we 
can use to revise the Plan to best achieve our goals, as well as to 
seek endorsements from stakeholders that can be referred to in the Plan.

The Release is primarily to the space science community, associated stakeholders
in Australian space science, technology, education, training, and 
outreach, professional societies, other "space" groups, and selected
individuals and entities whom the Steering Committee want to receive 
feedback from. It is not intended for release to the media or wider 
scientific community except in an informal fashion.

Written comments are the favoured way to give feedback. These can be sent 
to the Steering Committee by the means given on the cover sheet (please 
use the email address csadmin at physics.usyd.edu.au and not my personal one).
In addition,we will be organizing "townhall" meetings in all the capital cities
for verbal feedback, plus a final meeting at which the space 
science community will vote on the revised Plan.

We look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely,

The Steering Committee,
First Decadal Plan for Australian Space Science

(Iver Cairns [Chair], Brett Biddington, Rod Boswell, Russell Boyce, 
Graziella Caprarelli, Jon Clarke, David Cole, Peter Dyson, Brian Fraser, 
Alex Held, David Morton, Marc Norman, Carol Oliver, Andrew Parfitt, Peter 
Robinson, Robert Vincent, Malcolm Walter, Colin Waters, and John Zillman).

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