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Subject: FW: Fresh Science 2006 - Nominations Now Open

To: all National Committee and Task Force Chairs

Dear Sue,

We're seeking the assistance of scientists and science organisations in
Australia to identify the best under-publicised, early-career science of
the past year or so for the national Fresh Science program.

Fresh Science selects sixteen early-career researchers and brings them
to Melbourne where they present their work to the media, schools and the

Now in its tenth year, Fresh Science is supported by the Federal and
Victorian Governments, NewScientist, The Australian and Melbourne

This national event brings together scientists, the media, and the
public to:

1.      enhance reporting of Australian science;

2.      highlight and encourage debate on the role of science in
Australian society; and

3.      provide role models for the next generation of Australian

Fresh Science 2007 will be held in Melbourne from 13 to 16 August 2007.
Stories will be released to the media during the event and in the weeks
following. The Fresh Scientists need to be available to talk to the
media over this time.

Why nominate for Fresh Science?

Fresh Science offers the potential for wide media exposure for the work
of early career researchers and their organisations. It helps young
researchers develop expertise in presenting their ideas clearly to a
general audience and to the media.

Fresh Science also assists the media to identify and publish accurate
stories about Australian science, and demonstrates that science in
Australia is exciting, vibrant and successful. Fresh Science encourages
and provides recognition for Australia's best young scientists and

The selected researchers are likely to gain substantial media exposure.
In previous years our Fresh Scientists have attracted national and
international interest resulting in hundreds of media stories, including
national television news.

Details of previous winners, their press releases, and media coverage
can be seen at www.freshscience.org <http://www.freshscience.org/>

What will it involve?

The successful nominees will:

*         participate in a one-day media training course;

*         have access to experienced science communicators to advise
them on their presentation, media release and interviews;

*         swap ideas with other participants;

*         present their research to the media and to public audiences;

*         take part in a Fresh-Science-at-the-Pub event;

*         attend an evening reception with representatives from
business, government, research and the media; and

*         have the opportunity to participate in talks in their home
state during National Science Week.

Travel and accommodation will be provided for participants from outside
Melbourne. The Fresh Scientists will also have the chance to win a
one-year subscription to NewScientist; and a one-week internship with
The Australian newspaper.

I've included the selection criteria below. All the information about
Fresh Science, including the nomination form, can be found at
www.freshscience.org <http://www.freshscience.org/>

The closing date for nominations is 5pm Friday 15 June 2007.

Please send your nominations to: nominations at freshscience.org
>  or fax 03 9923 6008. Additional material can be posted to: Fresh
Science, 24 James Street, Williamstown, Victoria 3016.

Feel free to call Tim Thwaites on 03 9383 4600 or myself if you have any

Kind regards,



Niall Byrne

Fresh Science Coordinator
www.freshscience.org <http://www.freshscience.org/>

ph +61 3 5253 1391

fax +61 3 9923 6008

mobile 0417 131 977

email niall at freshscience.org

Fresh Science selection criteria:

The nominees and prizewinner will be selected by the Fresh Science
Selection committee, which comprises scientists, journalists and science

The committee is looking for Fresh Scientists who can tell an
interesting story in everyday language about their significant
peer-reviewed scientific achievement.

The initial selection will be made on the basis of the nomination form
submitted. This means how the application is written will be used as a
guide to the ability of the nominee to communicate in everyday English.
The nominee should write their own entry.

Please note that the committee will select the Fresh Scientists not only
on quality of their science, but also on the interest and presentation
of their topics. Our selection will also include a spread of
disciplines, topics, gender, and states.


*         The research must have been conducted in Australia or by an
Australian scientist.

*         Evidence of peer review must be presented.

*         The research must not have had significant media coverage.

*         The research must be current or have been published or
concluded since 1 January 2006.

*         The research must be cleared for public and media presentation
ie you may need to consult with your collaborators and commercial

*         The nominees must demonstrate the ability to present their
research to a lay audience in an informative, interesting and easily
visualisable way.

*         Research teams may nominate, but a single person who has
played a substantial role in the research must be named as spokesperson.
Only that individual will be invited to participate in Fresh Science and
present the work.

*         We are looking for early career scientists. Researchers must
be in the early stages of their career, eg honour students, PhD students
and post docs.  Age per se is not a barrier. But nominees must be no
more than five years past the completion of their PhD (if they have

*         Researchers must not have an established media profile.

*         Nominations must be made on the Fresh Science nomination form
- available in different formats at www.freshscience.org

Fresh Science is supported by the Federal government's Department of
Education, Science and Training, the Victorian government's Department
of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, British Council
Australia, NewScientist, The Australian and the Melbourne Museum.


best wishes,

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