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IHY Newsletter Editor
National Solar Observatory
email: bala at nso.edu 

*  IHY Newsletter - May 2007 Edition!


* IHY Activities at Universidad de Sonora, Mexico
* IHY Switzerland  Activities.
* IHY Japan MAGDAS Network
* International Symposium -  Solar Extreme Events of 2007, Athens,
* LWS Workshop "From the Sun`towards the Earth"  10-13 September 2007,
Boulder, Colorado
* UN/ESA/NASA Workshop on Basic Space Science and IHY, 18-22 June
2007, Tokyo, Japan.
* IHY Europe Activities
* IHY Yemen Activities
* IHY Africa Activities
* Vienna Conferences and Space Weather Exhibition, June 6-15, 2007
* A first for detection of solar storms
* IHY Nepal Activities
* IHY South Africa Update


* IHY Activities at Universidad de Sonora, Mexico

The Solar Observatory "Carl Sagan", OCS, operated by the Astronomy
DIF-US of the Universidad de Sonora at Hermosillo, Mexico, is
developing several activities concerned with the International
Heliophysical Year.

* OCS began daily operations this year with two 16 cm apochromatic
telescopes fitted with H-alpha and Calcium filters. The observation
usually conducted from from 15 to 23 UT. Data are available at the
webpages http://cosmos.astro.uson.mx/eosdata.htm 

* The image from OCS telescopes are webcast continuously by "@STRO TV"
at http://cosmos.astro.uson.mx/webtv/index.htm  These images may be
used for scientific or educational purposes.

* On February 14, we launched the program PROSOL (Program for Virtual
Solar Observers).  PROSOL includes observational programs for students
ranging from high school to university degree, amateur astronomers,
anybody interested in solar astronomy.  Should you be interested,
please consult the web pages at

* From March 6, the observatory sends a daily Space Weather Report to
media and those interested in the Sun-Earth connection

* As a part of our education outreach, we are producing a 12-part
series TV program on Solar Astronomy inspired by the IHY. Each program
lasts 25 minutes, is distributed to the State TV station and is
available at our Internet TV system "@STRO TV"
http://cosmos.astro.uson.mx/webtv/bbuson.htm.  The public is
to use these programs in their education. You can also consult our
education web pages at http://cosmos.astro.uson.mx/notas/070101.htm 
Four of the twelve programs are currently on-line.

* To celebrate its 30 anniversary, the Department for Research in
of the Universidad de Sonora, will hold the III International Physics
Congress from October 10 to 12, 2007. The Symposium IV of the Congress
will be on "The Play of Virtual Solar Observatories in the Solar Cycle

* We  are dedicating the  week of October 1 - 6 for special activities

concerned with the L Anniversary of the beginning of space

Antonio Sanchez-Ibarra
Head of the Astronomy Area.


* IHY Switzerland  Activities.

As a part of the IHY Switzerland, the following activities are
scheduled for 
June 10 2007:
-  Public exhibition at Zurich Main Station by ETH solar physicists
-  'Open doors' day at IRSOL and Specola Solare Ticinese in Locarno.
June 21, 2007:
-  Lectures at PMOD/WRC in Davos - a lecture day for local schools on
June 22, 2007:
Other dates:
- an evening public lecture by astronaut Claude Nicollier, in Davos
June 23, 2007:
- a day of open house at PMOD/WRC

Arnold Benz
Institute of Astronomy
CH-8092 Zurich, Switzerland


* IHY Japan MAGDAS Network

On 19 April 2007, installation of Unit SN49 of MAGDAS (Japan's IHY
real-time magnetometer network) was successfully completed by the
Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) on behalf of SERC (Kyushu
University, Fukuoka, Japan).  Unit SN49 is located at Davis Station
34'30"S, 77 58'E) on the Antarctic Continent.  This becomes the
Southern-most magnetometer of the MAGDAS chain (farther South than the
MAGDAS unit on MacQuarie Island, which was installed one year ago by
SERC).  MAGDAS data arrives from Davis every 15 minutes via the
Internet.  SERC thanks AAD for its outstanding support of MAGDAS
observatories south of mainland Australia (i.e., Davis and MacQuarie
Stations).  URL:  http:www.serc.kyushu-u.ac.jp Click on "About MAGDAS
(in English)" and then click on "Station Photos" for lots of MAGDAS
photos in the Asia-Pacific region.

George Maeda 
SERC, Member of the Technical Staff
(and Assistant Secretary of ULTIMA)
Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

* International Symposium -  Solar Extreme Events of 2007, Athens,

An International Symposium - Solar Extreme Events of 2007 Fundamental
Science and Applied Aspects 
will be held at Athens, Greece, 24 - 2 7 September 2007.

Location: Titania Hotel 
 Panepistimiou 52, Athens 
  106 72, Greece 
   Tel.: +30 210 332 6000 
    Fax.: +30 210 330 0700 
     Website: http://www.titania.gr/default.asp 

     Symposium Website: http://cosray.phys.uoa.gr/SEE2007/ 
     Phone: +30 210 727 6890 / +30 210 727 6901 
     Fax : + 30 210 727 6987 
     E-mail: SEE2007 at phys.uoa.gr ; LOCSEE2007 at phys.uoa.gr 

     Sponsoring Organizations and Individual Sponsors 
     We are now in the process of negotiations with sponsors, among
     them are
     the following:  National & Kapodistrian University of Athens,
     on Space Research (COSPAR), European Space Agency (ESA), European
     Office of Aerospace R & D (EOARD), Hellenic Ministry of
     Hellenic Physicists Association, National Observatory of Athens

     Deadline for abstracts: May 31, 2007 
     Deadline for pre-registration: June 30, 2007 
     Abstract submission: electronic submission at the website
     mentioned above 
     Notification of abstracts acceptance: June 30, 2007 

     Registration Fee 
     Participants should register until June 30, 2007. The
     registration fee
     for the conference participants is 250 Euro. It includes
     welcome cocktail, coffee breaks, lunches (Monday-Thursday) and
     dinner.  For students the registration fee is 150 Euro. A
     recommendation letter by a member of the teaching staff of their
     institution is mandatory.  Companion fee for the social program
     fixed to 50 euros/day, and it includes welcome cocktail and
     (Monday-Thursday).  The Registration desk will be available in
     conference location on September 24, 2007.

     An upper limit of 120 participants is expected to attend this
     international symposium

     Scientific Rationale 
     The descending phase of the 23rd cycle of solar activity was
     highlighted by numerous extremely strong energy releases as
     solar flares and magnificent coronal mass ejections during the
     on January 2005, July 2005, August-September 2005 and most
     December 2006, highlighted by powerful solar flares and
     coronal mass ejections.

     As a result, of this unexpected intense solar activity, various
     processes in the Earth vicinity were triggered, causing
     storms, heating of the upper atmosphere, changes of the
     properties of the ionosphere, and creation of the geomagnetically
     induced currents on the Earth surface. All these conditions of
     Weather (SW) change dramatically with Solar Extreme Events (SEE)
     development, influenced the reliability of space-born and
     technology systems, and endanger human health and life as well.
     It is
     of major importance to elaborate reliable methods for monitoring
     forecasting of dangerous SW phenomena and to define the
     mechanisms of
     the various SW effects.

     The extreme solar-terrestrial events on 2005 and 2006 were
     recorded by
     many space- borne and ground-based instruments and provided us
     rich information to study and better understand the physical
     and consequence of the powerful solar events.

     The aim of this International Symposium is to provide a world
     forum for
     the discussion of recent interesting events in the coupled
     solar-terrestrial system, which attracted the attention of
     engineers and the public, as they are important for our better
     understanding of the World we are living in and the knowledge of
     impacts on technological and biological systems. Special
     attention will
     be paid to recent extreme phenomena in the 23-rd solar cycle as
     well as
     archives. SEE 2007 Symposium aims to create opportunities for new
     scientific contacts and collaborations. For the first time, in
     series of Solar Extreme Events (SEE) Symposiums, with the
     occasion of
     the completion of 50 years of Space exploration, an additional
     regarding the International Heliospheric Year (IHY) will be
     included to
     Athens SEE Symposium.

     The topics that would be covered are: 
     - Extreme Events of December 2006 
     - Energetic processes on the Sun during the extreme events, solar
     events at 
     solar minimum. 
     - The chain of physical processes in the solar-terrestrial system
     Heliosphere-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Upper Atmosphere-Ground). 
     World-wide particle detector networks for space weather research.

     - Integrated Systems of forecasting and alerting on the dangerous
     of violent solar storms. 
     - International Heliospheric Year 2007 

     All solar, cosmic ray and geo-scientists are invited to
     participate in the assembly, 
     submitting contributions to the topical sessions and share their
     research with 
     colleagues and friends. 


     * LWS Workshop "From the Sun`towards the Earth"  10-13 September
     2007, Boulder, Colorado

     2nd Announcement.

     The NASA Living With a Star program will host a major scientific
     workshop on 10-13 September 2007 in Boulder, Colorado, at the
     High Altitude Observatory.

     With Hinode returning spectacular data, the STEREO spacecraft
     in their orbits away from the Earth, and the launch of the Solar
     Dynamics Observatory only a year away, the focus of this workshop
     naturally be on new and expected results from solar and
     inner-heliospheric instrumentation. These developments will be
     discussed within the LWS context of the complete Sun-to-Earth
     connection, ranging from solar dynamo to Earth climate, including
     realms in between.

     The meeting's themes include: "Sources of space weather";
     "Interfaces: from solar interior to atmosphere"; "Interfaces:
     solar orgins to geospace storms"; "(X)(E)UV spectral irradiance:
     sources and consequences"; "The solar-heliospheric magnetic
     gradual and impulsive"; "Fields and waves in Sun and
     "Energetic particles: energy gain, transport, and loss in corona
     heliosphere".  The sessions are a mix of invited tutorials that
     provide broad perspectives and a general introduction; invited
     that summarize recent developments, new mission results, or key
     areas within a particular area; contributed talks; and posters.
     will also be plenary discussion sessions on the (I)LWS program,
     architecture, and the expectations for its future progress.

     We invite you to this meeting, to contribute oral and poster
     presentations, and to suggest topics for the plenary discussion

     The meeting's website (http://www.lmsal.com/lws2007/) contains
     information on the (evolving) scientific program and (confirmed)
     invited speakers, abstract submission (by July 2, 2007),
     (by August 1, 2007), student support (by June 1, 2007), etc.

     On the day following the workshop, 14 September 2007, conference
     at HAO will be available to mission teams, focused science
     groups, and
     ad-hoc groups wishing to exploit the opportunity for splinter

     Early September is the best season in Colorado; we look forward
     seeing you there.

     C.J. Schrijver
     Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory
     Lockheed Martin Advanced Techn. Ctr.
     3251 Hanover Street, Bldg. 252
     Palo Alto, CA 94304-1191, USA

     * UN/ESA/NASA Workshop on Basic Space Science and IHY, 18-22 June
     2007, Tokyo, Japan.

     United Nations Office at Vienna. 

     UN/ESA/NASA Workshop on Basic Space Science and the 
     International Heliophysical Year 2007
     hosted by the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan, 
     on behalf of the Government of Japan
     (18-22 June 2007, Tokyo, Japan)

     1.  Background of the Workshops

     The United Nations, in cooperation with national and
     space-related agencies and organizations, is organizing annually
     workshops on basic space science and the International
     Year 2007, particularly for the benefit of scientists and
     from developing nations.

     With workshops on basic space science and the International
     Heliophysical Year 2007, the United Nations Office for Outer
     Affairs, the European Space Agency, the National Aeronautics and
     Administration, and the IHY Secretariat will assist scientists
     engineers from all over the world in undertaking research and
     in basic space science and participating in the International
     Heliophysical Year 2007. Information on the International
     Year 2007 is available at


     This UN/ESA/NASA Workshop has been endorsed by the United Nations
     General Assembly as part of the 2007 activities of the programme
     of the
     United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.

     2.  Information and Indication of Interest Form Available on the

     Updated information about the workshop and information material
     on IHY
     can be obtained via the World-Wide-Web at


     Individuals who wish to receive further information on the
     International Heliophysical Year and/or wish to indicate their
     to participate in the workshop may use the electronic means
     on the above WWW site.

     3.  Key Dates for the Workshop 

     Deadline for Applications			01 May 2007
     Notification to Authors			01 June 2007
     Workshop					18-22 June 2007

     4.  Local Organizer of the Workshop

     National Astronomical Observatory Japan

     Contact Person:

     Prof. Kazuhiro Sekiguchi
     National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
     2-21-1 Ohsawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-8588, Japan
     Phone: +81-422-34-3955
     Fax: +81-422-34-3690
     Email: kaz at subaru.naoj.org 
     Web: http://solarwww.mtk.nao.ac.jp/UNBSS_Tokyo07/ 

     5. Venue of the Workshop

     The workshop will be held at the National Astronomical
     Observatory of
     Japan (http://www.nao.ac.jp/E/index.html ), Tokyo, Japan

     6.  Programme of the Workshop

     The workshop will be structured around the following topics:

     1.Participation of nations in project development for
     heliospheric space missions and supporting low-cost ground-based
     instrument array initiatives for world-wide studies in space
     2.Studies on the participation of developing nations in IHY.
     3.Access to data of the Sun-Earth system from ground-based and
     space-borne facilities through data archives and virtual
     4.Operation of astronomical telescope facilities in developing
     nations: BSS TRIPOD.
     5.Data analysis and image processing techniques for space
     6.Nonextensive statistical mechanics and astrophysics

     During the workshop, additional working group sessions will be
     held to
     assess past and develop future activities related to the above
     The Workshop on Basic Space Science and the International
     Year 2007 will continue the work initiated during the first
     workshop in
     the United Arab Emirates in 2005 (http://www.ihy.uaeu.ac.ae/) and
     second workshop in India in 2006 (http://www.iiap.res.in/ihy/) in
     taking space science instrumentation, observation, and education
     to the
     developing nations of the world.

     An important feature of the Workshop is introducing data bases
     relevant software tools that can promote space science
     There have been enormous number of space missions that have been
     accumulating large data bases of scientific data. Similarly,
     data bases are available from ground based observations. These
     data can
     be utilized in ways different from originally intended for
     understanding the heliophysical processes.  One of the goals of
     Workshop is to identify such data bases and make them available
     to the
     world community with necessary software tools so that scientists
     developing countries can benefit from them.

     Authors should state clearly for which programme topic the paper
     intended. Contributions that highlight interdisciplinary issues
     particularly encouraged. Poster sessions will be organized for
     duration of the workshop. Authors are also requested to include
     their submission a short, not longer than half-a-page, biography.
     will serve as the presenter's introduction prior to the session
     in the
     workshop.  Abstracts of no more than 600 words must be headed by
     (i) Title, (ii) Author(s) Name(s), (iii) Institutional
     Affiliation (s),
     and (iv) Email Address(s). Abstracts must be submitted in
     format to Ms. Ayoni Oyeneyin, United Nations Office for Outer
     Affairs Email Ayoni.Oyeneyin at unvienna.org 

     7. Selection of Participants

     Participants will be selected by the co-sponsors of the Workshop,
     through the Local Organizing Committee and the International
     Organizing Committee, on a competitive basis from those who meet
     qualifications provided in the Application Form.

     8. Financial Arrangements

     Within the limited funds available to the co-sponsors, a number
     selected participants from developing countries and countries
     economies in transition will be offered financial support to
     attend the
     Workshop. Funded participants will be provided with a round-trip
     ticket between their international airport of departure to Tokyo,
     Japan, and daily subsistence allowance. Any cost associated with
     en-route expenses or any changes made to the air ticket must be
     by the participants.

     Foreign participants who need assistance for their hotel
     in Tokyo may contact the organizing secretary.

     9.  Language of the Workshop

     English will be the working language for the workshop.

     10.  Visa Requirement and Related Topics

     Potential workshop participants are advised to check with the
     embassy/consulate of Japan for obtaining the visa, if required.
     that adequate health insurance is the responsibility of the

     11. Registration Fee

     There is no registration fee to participate at and contribute to
     this workshop.

     12. International Scientific Organizing Committee (ISOC)

     Al-Naimiy, H., United Arab Emirates University, UAE
     Davila, J., IHY/NASA, Washington, DC, USA
     Gimenez, A., European Space Agency
     Gopalswamy, N., IHY/NASA, Washington, DC, USA
     Hasan, S. S., IIA, Bangalore, India 
     Haubold, H.J., United Nations
     Kitamura, M., National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
     Rabiu, B., Federal University of Technology, Nigeria
     Sakurai, T., National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

     13. National Advisory Committee (NAC)

     Kaifu, N., Former Director General of NAOJ
     Kogure, T., Former Director of Bisei Observatory
     Kozai, Y., Director of Gunma Observatory
     Miyama, S., Director general of NAOJ
     Yumoto, K., Kyushu University

     14. Local Organizing Committee (LOC)
     Agata, H., National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
     Hori, K., National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
     Itoh, M., Suginami Science Museum
     Sakurai, T., National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (Chair)
     Sekiguchi, K., National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
     Suematsu, Y., National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

     15. Organizing Secretary
     Sekiguchi, K., National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

     * IHY Europe Activities
     Compiled and transmitted by C. Briand

     - Town Hall meeting of EGU
     A specific session on IHY - IPY took place during the last EGU.
     15 persons attend the session. Several excellent presentations
     were made,
     of particular note was the  project by COST 296 and initiatives
     from Norway.

     - An IHY Open Doors day is scheduled for all over Europe on June
     10, 2007.
     So far, 54 institutes/museums/planetarium have
     accepted to participate to this celebration. Additional
     are expected to announce their participation very soon.
     For details, visit:

     - We are in contact with an international network of planetarium

     (www.ips-planetarium.org) which  is now spreading the word about
     (and also IPY);

     - European IHY General Assembly : 18-22 June 2007, Torino

     # IHY Belgium  Activities - Transmitted by S. Poedts

     - The SWEETS IHY bus will visit Belgium (Ukkel) in the weekend of

     - A TV documentary will be made about the Sun and Space Weather
     and the
     Belgian activities in this domain. The producer is Jos Van
     from VRT Television, Belgium, laureate of the Descartes price for
     Research and Science Communication "for producing "Overleven" an
     innovative science TV series which follows the work and
     of scientists as they solve key scientific enigma". The
     will be broad cast in September/October.

     - The Belgian IHY workshop will be integrated in the annual
     meeting of  
     the Belgian Physical Society and will take place at the end of
     May 2007.

     -  Ms. Rosalyn Pertzborn, Dr. Sanjay  and  Dr. S. Limaye,
     University of 
     Wisconsin-Madison delivered talks on "Comparing Earth and Venus"
     at the Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium on April
     25, 2007.

     - A two-part exhibition is planned at the Planetarium of the
     Observatory of Belgium.  The first part will focus on the Sun and
     global climate change (May- September 2007) while the second part
     focus on Space Weather and Heliophysical research (September 2007
     March 2008).

     - An IHY desk is being planned at the Researcher's night on
     September 28,  
     2007 in Brussels.

     - An "Open Door Weekend" is being  organized at the Space Pole in
     (Brussels) during of 6-7 October 2007 with a large IHY tent
     containing, among other  
     things, an inflatable planetarium.

     # IHY  Bulgaria  Activities - Transmitted by Penka Stoeva

     - Sun-Earth day will be celebrated on March 21, 2007:
     At the day of the Equinox, Alexey Stoev (Director, Yuri Gagarin
     Public Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium, stoev52 at abv.bg)

     began a series of six lectures in the Art Gallery in Stara
     devoted to the IHY. Penka Stoeva inaugurated the Cycle and
     the the Sun-Earth day and IHY.  Belgian scientists
     have distributed printed materials with the key  
     understandings of the Sun-Earth day "Living in the atmosphere of
     Sun - IHY" and annotations for the lectures. 

     - Observatories and planetaria from Bulgaria celebrated the  
     Sun-Earth day. It was also celebrated at the STIL BAS, Stara
     Department, the European Centre for Education and Qualification
     "Europe Schools".

     - A competition -  "We and the Sun" of paintings and photographs,
     been designed for students in three age groups:  7-10, 11-15, and
     20 years old.  Bulgarian scientists have participated in the
     Solar Week
     - Celebrating the Sun-Earth Connection in classrooms, organizing
     Space Weather Action Centre around one of the computers at the
     Bulgarian Observatory.

     - Using  materials of STEREO observatories, we have  made a 3D
     of a rock sanctuary, which is very famous in our region. Students

     from the group of archaeoastronomy of the Yuri Gagarin Public  
     Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium, Stara Zagora were 
     impressed by this demonstration. See pictures at
     with appropriate glasses, for an illustration.

     # IHY Spain Activities - Transmitted by C. Briand

     -  "A viaje por el sol y por su reino". Organized by the "Italian

     College of  Madrid" with the support of the Consolato Generale  
     Italiano de Madrid (Italian General Consult of Madrid) and TV5,a
     day was dedicated to theatre.
     Following an improvisation theater representation about the  
     discoveries of Galielo Galilei, four scientists (Guido
     Jorge Sanchez Almeida, Javier Rodriguez Pacheco, Carine Briand)
     talks to 250 students of the school. It was  a pleasant
     experience that  
     everybody hoped to repeat in the following years !!

     # IHY Norway  Activities - Transmitted by N. Ostgaard
     Paal Brekke join the Norvegian team of IHY as co-coordinator
     with N. Ostgaard

     Visit the wonderful explanations of Norther lights for kids :
     at http://kids.northern-lights.no/english/ 

     * IHY Yemen Activities

     April 2007 - Celebrating IHY by highlighting the first human in

     Thanks to "IHY fellowships" IHY-Yemen got chance this year to
     participate to the world wide "Yuri's Night World Space Party".
     Kuwait is the only other country celebrating the event in the
     young, amateurs of astronomy in the two countries are profiting
     of this
     occasion to promote cooperation and to plan for future
     Maryam Aljoaan the supervisor of Space Science center in Kuwait
     Club http://astronomy.ksclub.org/ is playing an important role in
     regard. (Maryam is now in St. Petersburg studding and preparing
     to be the first Middle East girl in space)

     After exactly 46 years of the first human in space and after
     about 22 years of the first Middle East man in space; Professor
     Sultan explains the recent situation of Basic Space Sciences in
     the Arab countries. An interview made by the wide spread Yemeni
     newspaper "Athawra" on April 13, 2007
     http://www.althawranews.net/CMS/pdffile/2007/04/13//07.PDF (in

     May 2007
     Celebrating IHY by demonstrating that Physics is present in each
     moment of our lives

     French Cultural Center in Sana'a www.ccclsanaa.com , 
     Faculty of science/Sana'a University and IHY-Yemen National
     Committee organize: 
     29 April - 9 May
     10:00 -15:00
     Faculty of Science/Sana'a University 

     An exhibit prepared by CCSTI with the support of the French
     Affaires and the participation of the French Society of Physics.
     visitor/student is invited to participate in 18 interactive
     experiments which
     are supported by 15 posters designed in the form of scientific

     The experiments/posters are supervised and demonstrated by
     the fourth year undergraduate students who are members in the
     IHY-Yemen. Subjects of the posters include various areas of
     astronomy,  and technology.

     A. H. Sultan
     Astrophysics Professor,
     Head of Physics Department,
     Faculty of Science, Sana'a Universit
     Sana'a, YEMEN


     * IHY Africa Activities

     Please note the following upcoming activities and related
     - IHY-Africa SCINDA Workshop in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, November
     11-16, 2007.
     - In conjunction with the above workshop, there will be a 
	IHY-Africa Space Weather Science and Education Workshop 
	   for details, see: http://sirius-c.ncat.edu/IHY-Africa/ 
	   - A Program of "Science on Wheels" is being
	   proposed/planned by IHY Africa 
	     see: http://sirius-c.ncat.edu/SCINDA2007/outreach2.html 
	       The organizers need considerable help in this regard.
		 If your institution can donate small telescopes,
		 posters, books 
		   or other materials, please contact
		   gutaye at ncat.edu.

		   Abebe Kebede, Director of Space Science Programs
		   IHY Africa.

		   * Vienna Conferences and Space Weather Exhibition,
		   June 6-15, 2007

		   Two meetings will take place in Vienna:
		   -  "Radiation Exposure to Aircraft Crew due to
		   Space Weather Effects" 
		   -   Space Weather Exhibition 
		   at the Vienna International Center (VIC), United
		   Nations, June 6-15, 2007. 

		   The European Commission in support of projects
		   SWEETS and CONRAD will
		   organize a space weather conference and a
		   scientific exhibition at the
		   Vienna International Center (VIC), June 6-15, 2007.
		   Collaborators of
		   this conference are the United Nations for Outer
		   Space Affairs (UNOOSA)
		   and the Austrian Research Centers, Seibersdorf
		   (ARC). All activities
		   are freely accessible for the public.

		   The space weather exhibition will take place
		   between June  6-15, 2007,
		   at the Vienna International Center in parallel to
		   the Fiftieth
		   session of the "Committee on the Peaceful Uses of
		   Outer Space"
		   (COPOUS). The exhibition contains interactive
		   information material
		   about space weather, such as the world-wide first
		   space weather CD-Rom,
		   access to space weather observing satellites, a
		   telescope for solar
		   observations by the visitors, shows of world-wide
		   best movies and
		   images on space weather and International
		   Heliophysical Year
		   activities,  posters and other public outreach and
		   material. The exhibition will be guided by high
		   level space weather
		   scientists. The exhibition is freely accessible for
		   the public; an
		   internet registration is needed.

		   Starting June 12th, 2007 a conference on "Radiation
		   Exposure to Aircraft Crew
		   due to Space Weather Effects" will be held at the
		   Vienna International
		   Center. International space weather experts,
		   representatives of
		   governmental bodies and airlines will talk about
		   the scientific
		   background of the radiation exposure effects, the
		   legal status of
		   radiation protection and practical consequences to
		   aircraft crew. The
		   scientific conference is freely accessible for the
		   public; an internet
		   registration is needed.

		    Dr. Peter Beck
		    Head Radiation Safety Research, Austrian Research
		    Center, A-2444 Seibersdorf, Austria
		    peter.beck at arcs.ac.at, phone +43 50550 2480, fax +
		    43 50550 2502    

		    Brigitte Kopinits 
		    Conference Office, Austrian Research Center,
		    A-2444 Seibersdorf, Austria
		    brigitte.kopinits at arcs.ac.at, phone +43 50550
		    2545, fax + 43 50550 2502. 

		    Further Information and Registration:
		    Space Weather Mobile Truck Tour Exhibition, June
		    6th - 15th, 2007, 
		    Radiation Exposure to Aircraft Crew due to Space
		    Weather Effects, June 12th, 2007 


		    SWEETS 2007- Space Weather and Europe - an
		    Education Tool with the Sun: www.sweets2007.eu 
		    CONRAD - Coordinated Network for Radiation
		    Dosimetry: www.eurados.org/conr


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