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Dear All,

we need to identify a good person to be Australia's representative
on the International Steering Committee for the International
Heliophysical Year (IHY). I have been asked to do this, per the
included email and attachment, but must decline due to too many
other responsibilities and the desire to broaden the Australian
community's involvement in IHY. Joe Davila says that a
magnetospheric or ionospheric person would be excellent, since
the Committee already has lots of solar/interplanetary
people on it, but a solar/interplanetary person would be
fine too. Please send me and the STSP Committee (see previous
STSP list emails) your suggestions, especially self-nominations.
With thanks, from the IAGA meeting,


(Iver Cairns, Chair, STSP Committee).

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Plans for the IHY are progressing very rapidly now, and it is appropriate
that our organization become slightly more formalized, therefore I am
sending the attached letter to invite you to serve on the IHY International
Steering Committee.

I hope that you will accept, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


PS: If you prefer a printed version of the letter, please let me know and I
will provide one.

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best wishes,
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