Re Aurora 25th August 2005

anonymous anonymous at fakedomain.ips
Wed Aug 24 22:20:19 EST 2005

I had sent an earlier report of what we were observing from Midway Point 
Tas, the event is still occurring at 22.13hrs and the observation from a 
compass bearing due east shows the long fingers or search light type 
effects still highlighting through dark sky. I had stated earlier that 
the early light show was reaching up over our heads, the large mass of 
light goes up past the Southern cross star formation and out slightly 
past the Scorpio star formation.
Our map grid location for our town is 42' 48" S 147' 31" E.
 I am puzzled as to why the events we witness have such strong lights on 
the eastern fringes although the mass of green light is now receding and 
compacting without the huge out bursts of energy.
Peter Taylor

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