aurora observation Sydney area

anonymous anonymous at fakedomain.ips
Wed Aug 24 21:52:28 EST 2005


I saw an awesome aurora tonight. The observation took place wed 24 aug 
05 at between 1000 to 1100 UTC (2000-2100 NSW time) from the cockpit of 
the aircraft I was flying on a track between Newcastle and Nowra NSW 
(approx. S34 E 151). Best viewing occured at higher altitude  (31,000 
ft) but was visible even from the ground. The curtain of light extended 
from a bearing of about 150 through south to about 190 degrees magnetic. 
The aurora in places had clear virga like curtains extending way up into 
the upper atmosphere. The colour was a milky white. The other pilot and 
passengers were impressed too.


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