Aurora observation

anonymous anonymous at fakedomain.ips
Fri Oct 4 15:20:37 EST 2002


 on the evening of Oct.1, around 11:30 pm local time; location: Porvoo, Finland 
( about 50km E-NE from Helsinki ), a great aurora display began. Earlier in the 
evening a fuzzy bluish glow in the northern skies appeared so I expected to see 
some auroras later on. And it was worth waiting for. Around 11:30 pm bright 
auroras appeared all across the northern sky. They were very clear with sharp 
edges, not displaying a continuous "curtain" structure, but rather a dense 
structure of vertical lines of varying widths. Sudden pulses moving along these 
vertical lines alco occured, increasing the brightness considerably. The 
auroras were emerald-green/blue-green in colour. At, roughly, 00:15 am the 
auroras were fading both in activity and brightness, but a new bright "hot-
spot" appeared near the horizon in the E-direction a few minutes later. Of 
that, however, I have no further observations.


 Peter Bergvall

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