tok, Alaska aurora report

anonymous anonymous at fakedomain.ips
Thu Oct 3 01:54:20 EST 2002

Hi dear ones ... had it not been for you i would have missed a phenomemal 
northern lights experience last night.  All night long it rained.  THICK 
clouds.  Kept checking anyway ... at 6 this morning i went out and it was 
still raining ... but the aurora was sooo strong overhead, in many wide blue 
bands, with one point in the northswest sky that was so brightly glowing and 
fading that it was like a fire behind the clouds.  
    I have NEVER since 52 seen northern lights so bright that they could be 
seen through clouds while rain fell fast and heavy all about!  NOT a star 
anywhere in the sky ... but my imagination could only guess what wonders were 
obscured that we saw through the clouds what we did!  Thanks for your report 
that alerted me to LOOK!  Love, margie.

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