[STSP] STSP Session at the AIP Congress in Melbourne (December 5-10, 2010)

Phil Wilkinson phil at ips.gov.au
Tue Jul 6 16:45:45 EST 2010

Dear Members of the STSP Community,

I'd like to remind you that the deadline for submitting your abstracts 
for the next AIP Congress (December 5-10, 2010) is approaching fast.
(Closing Date: Friday 9th July 2010)

The STSP Group is one of the largest in the Australian Institute of Physics.
We had a lot of oral and poster papers at the AIP-2008 Congress in 
Adelaide and hope to be well-presented again this year.

If you haven't submitted your abstract yet, please do so by the end of 
this Friday. Of course you are welcome to submit more than one paper.

Also encourage all your graduate students to submit a paper and attend 
this event. Students will benefit greatly from attending sessions and 
interacting with other members of the STSP Group. In addition, they 
only pay half the registration fee and can get a $250 reimbursement 
from the AIP if they present their work.

For those members of the STSP Community who have more than 5 years of 
experience in the field and agree to peer-review papers submitted for 
the conference proceedings: please send your name and email address to:
Svetlana Petelina:  s.petelina at latrobe.edu.au

Look forward to see you all in Melbourne!

Best wishes,
Dr. Svetlana V. Petelina
Department of Physics
La Trobe University
VICTORIA 3086=20

Phone:  +61 (0)3 9479 2128
Fax:    +61 (0)3 9479 1552
E-mail: s.petelina at latrobe.edu.au

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