[STSP] Decadal Plan Workshop

Phil Wilkinson phil at ips.gov.au
Wed Sep 9 14:55:12 EST 2009

Date: Tue, 8 Sep 2009 17:26:02 +1000 (EST)
From: Iver Cairns <cairns at physics.usyd.edu.au>
To: decadalplan-bounces at listserv.uts.edu.au, stsp at ips.gov.au
Subject: Opportunity to present/discuss draft proposals for the Australian
	Space Science Program 

Dear Colleagues,

there is an opportunity for people to present and discuss draft proposals
for the Australian Space Science Program at the Decadal Plan Workshop
(30 September) during this year's Australian Space Science Conference
(ASSC), in Sydney at the School of Physics, University of Sydney. The
ASSC website is at http://www.nssa.com.au/ocs/index.php?cf=11 . Please
forward this to people you think might be interested.

The opportunity is for ~ 9 groups to have 10 minutes each in the
1400 - 1530 session of the Decadal Plan Workshop to:
1) explain the big picture and rationales for their draft project,
2) motivate additional collaborators to join them, and
3) obtain feedback and advice from audience members.

It's envisaged that each group would have 5 minutes of prepared
presentation and then 5 minutes of dedicated discussion and feedback.
Additional feedback would be possible during the break (1530 - 1600)
and after 6 pm.

The Workshop will be opened by Senator Annette Hurley (Lab., SA), and
followed by presentations from Dr Michael Green (on the Australian
Space Science Program), Mr Brett Biddington (on ASICC), and a Defence
representative in the period 0900 - 1100. Subsequently the Decadal
Plan will be presented and discussed (1130 - 1300). The last session,
1600 - 1800, is scheduled for discussion of Large/Medium Projects
of the Decadal Plan.

If sufficient demand exists then the topics of the two afternoon
sessions could be switched.

If you wish to make a presentation on your group's draft proposals
then please:

1) register for the Wednesday (or more days) of ASSC via the
website and pay the required registration fee, and

2) email me at cairns at physics.usyd.edu.au with
    a) the draft title
    b) draft presenter's name and affiliation,
    c) draft group of collaborators, and
    d) any requests you have.

Yours sincerely,

Iver Cairns

(Co-Chair, ASSC, and Chair of the Plan Steering Committee and
the National Committee for Space Science).


Iver H. Cairns, Professor in Space Physics

School of Physics,       Email: cairns at physics.usyd.edu.au
University of Sydney, 
NSW 2006,                Work phone: +61-2 9351-3961
Australia                Work fax:   +61-2 9351-7726.


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