[STSP] Visiting Fellows Program at CIRES Boulder Colorado USA

Paul Lotoaniu Paul.Lotoaniu at noaa.gov
Thu Nov 20 05:53:40 EST 2008

Dear STSP,

I would like to draw your attention to the Cooperative Institute for 
Research in Environmental Sciences' (CIRES) Visiting Fellows Program.

Visiting Fellows are open to scientist ranging from recent doctoral 
graduates, to those on sabbattical, to senior scientists with research 
interests in the areas of the CIRES research themes, including SPACE 
WEATHER. Awards may be made to Ph.D. scientists at all levels (Visiting 
Fellowships) and faculty planning sabbatical leave (Sabbatical 
Fellowships). Postdoctoral fellowships are awarded for one year; a 
second year may be available from other funding sources. Sabbatical 
fellowships are awarded for up to one year.

Who is eligible? The Visiting Fellowship program is open to scientists 
from around the globe, and appointments can begin at any time during the 
year. Salary is commensurate with qualifications and cost of living 
considerations. The Fellow will be eligible for benefits, office space, 
telephone and computer facilities, and a small moving and start-up 
allowance. Scientists employed by CIRES are not eligible for Visiting 

I highly encourage space and solar physicists in the STSP community to 
apply for these prestigious Fellowships. The Boulder space and solar 
physics community is one of the most active in the world.

Applications are invited for the 2009-2010 Fellowships and the deadline 
is December 31, 2008.
To apply please visit:

You should also contact myself (paul.lotoaniu at noaa.gov) or Tim 
Fuller-Rowell  (tim.fuller-rowell at noaa.gov) at the Space Weather 
Prediction Center at Boulder to coordinate your application and research 

Paul Lotoaniu 

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