[STSP] FREE PUBLIC TALK on 7 August - Nature's Lightshow in the Sky

Phil Wilkinson phil at ips.gov.au
Thu Jul 10 13:40:23 EST 2008

Dear STSP people,

please come to the excellent talk advertised below, and encourage
others to attend.

With best wishes,



Free public talk - The Aurora: Nature's Lightshow in the Sky

Professor Craig Kletzing

University of Sydney International Visiting Research Fellow,

And Professor of Physics and Astronomy,
University of Iowa, USA

The aurora has been a source of wonder for humanity since the earliest
times. This natural phenomenon of dancing patterns of light and color
continues to intrigue space scientists the world over. The fundamental power
source for the Aurora is the sun's solar wind, which interacts with the
Earth's magnetic field beyond the atmosphere to energise particles and
create the light that we see.

In the style of the great Julius Sumner Miller, this talk includes live
demonstrations to illustrate some of the basic physics ideas using equipment
from the School of Physics. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity for
audience members of all ages to speak to Dr Kletzing and see the equipment
up close.

Date: Thursday August 7th, 2008

Time: 6.30 - 7.30 PM (light refreshments from 6pm)

Venue: Slade Lecture Theatre, ground floor, School of Physics

RSVP: Hyacinth Alfonso, halfonso at physics.usyd.edu.au or 9036 5370 with your
name and number of seats required.

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