[STSP] Launch Space Available for Piggy Back Satellite

Phil Wilkinson phil at ips.gov.au
Thu Jul 26 13:44:22 EST 2007

Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 12:10:51 +1000 (EST)
From: Iver Cairns <cairns at physics.usyd.edu.au>

Dear Colleagues,

do you know of someone who needs a small payload launched relatively soon?
If so, then please let them know about the following opportunity and
have them contact Susmita Mohanty (USA) at the email address below.

I have not checked this opportunity, but can say that Chris Boshuizen
is reputable. (One of my former PhD students and someone who's
helping with the Decadal Plan.) Best wishes,


(Iver Cairns).

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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 16:29:24 -0700
From: Chris Boshuizen - SGAC Executive Director <chris at spacegeneration.org>
To: Iver Cairns <cairns at physics.usyd.edu.au>
Subject: [Fwd: Fwd: [urgent] Launch Space Available for Piggy Back Satellite -
     Launch 1st Quarter 2008]

Dear Iver,

Do you know anyone with a small payload ready for launch?  There is a
piggy-back launch opportunity available at short notice as below.  If
you know anyone that has a payload waiting to go, please do pass this on.


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NSS Friends,

I have information about the availability of a piggy back launch
on a reliable international launcher.

I am not allowed to divulge all of the information related to the launch in
this group email, but here are some hints.

Launch = 1st Quarter 2008
Auxiliary payload weight = 100-120 kg.
Orbit = Sun synchronous

I have marked this posting as URGENT, because we only have 7 to 8 months
prior to launch. Usually one needs an advance notice of 12 to 15 months for
auxiliary payloads. In this particular case, the launch provider is willing
to make an exception and facilitate expedited processing by greatly
accelerating the process.

Any of you out there, who are looking to launch an auxiliary payload, or
know anybody who might, please email me or call me ASAP.
I am based in San Francisco.

Phone: +1-415-254-5812
susmita.mohanty at moonfront.com <mailto:susmita.mohanty at moonfront.com>

Cheers, Susmita



Chris Boshuizen

Executive Director
Space Generation Advisory Council

Phone: +61 4 0707 1537 (Australia)
Email: chris at spacegeneration.org
Skype: cboshuizen <callto://cboshuizen>
www.spacegeneration.org <http://spacegeneration.org>

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