[STSP] Working Group Phase of the first Australian Decadal Plan for Space

Phil Wilkinson phil at ips.gov.au
Thu Mar 30 15:53:47 EST 2006

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          (Please forward this to interested people.)

  The National Committee for Space Science (NCSS) announces that it
has formed a Steering Committee and Working Groups for the next
phase (the Working Group Phase) in its development of the first 
Australian Decadal Plan for Space Science. NCSS, the Steering
Committee, and the Working Group Chairs invite interested people
to participate in the development of the Decadal Plan.

    The Plan's website http://www.physics.usyd.edu.au/~ncss
presents information on:
(i) the proposed schedule for the Plan,
(ii) the structure, responsibilities, aims, and areas for the Steering 
Committee and Working Groups, and
(iii) the names & email contact details of the Chairs.

A Powerpoint file of a February 2006 talk on the Plan, together with
more background information and the submissions to the Brainstorming
Phase, can also be found on the website.

The Chairs of the Steering Committee and Working Groups now invite 
submissions on aspects of the Plan to be sent to them by email or
other means. (Please send your communication only to the Chairs of 
relevant WGs or the Steering Committee.) People are welcome to 
volunteer their time and expertise to the Chairs, as well as sending 
submissions. Yours sincerely, on behalf of NCSS, the Steering
Committee, and the Working Group Chairs,

Iver Cairns

(Chair, National Committee for Space Science, and
Chair, Steering Committee for the Decadal Plan for Space Science).

best wishes,

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