[ips-sf] IPS Summary Forecast for 03 March - issued 2330UT/02-Mar-2016 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

rwc rwc at ips.gov.au
Thu Mar 3 10:30:52 EST 2016

Solar activity on UT day 2 March was at very low levels with no
notable flares. The solar wind has elevated from nearly 400 km/s to
almost 500 km/s during the past 24 hrs in response to high speed
streams emanating from a northern hemisphere coronal hole. The solar
wind conditions are expected to remain at these levels for the next 24
hours. Active geomagnetic condition could occur if the IMF turns
strongly southward for prolonged periods. Current IMF orientation is
northwards. HF conditions are expected to be near monthly predicted
values for the next 24 hours (UT day 3 March).

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