[ips-sf] IPS Summary Forecast for 30 September - issued 2338UT/29-Sep-2015

rwc rwc at ips.gov.au
Wed Sep 30 09:38:33 EST 2015

Solar activity was high during 29 Sep UT. Active Regions 2422 and 2423
produced 9 short duration M class flares. AR 2422 is large and
magnetically complex and will produce more M class flares, possibly an
X class flare. This report will be updated this afternoon if satellite
based coronograms reveal an Earthward directed CME associated with any
of the recent eruptions. Hydrogen alpha solar telescopes presently
show a gigantic active solar prominence extending far off the
south-west limb of the solar disk, an event well worth observing for
inspiration. The Earth is presently immersed in slow solar wind and
the 3-day outlook is for quiet to unsettled geomagnetic conditions.
Conditions for HF radio wave propagation are gradually trending back
towards predicted monthly values in delayed response to increasing
solar flux.

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