[ips-sf] IPS Summary Forecast for 11 June - issued 2332UT/10-Jun-2014

rwc rwc at ips.gov.au
Wed Jun 11 09:32:14 EST 2014

Two X-class flares occurred on 10-Jun, both from the same region and
within a short time of each other. The first produced a small CME and
the second a larger faster one that swamped the first. Model runs
differ in their predictions, but there is a chance that Earth will
receive a glancing blow from the combined effects of these CMEs on
13-Jun, possibly resulting in active geomagnetic conditions at high
latitudes. Until then, geomagnetic activity is expected to be quiet
and HF communications conditions normal, though with short-wave
fadeouts likely due to continuing moderate to high solar activity.

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