[ips-sf] IPS Summary Forecast for 07 February - issued 2317UT/06-Feb-2014

rwc rwc at ips.gov.au
Fri Feb 7 10:17:05 EST 2014

Solar flare activity has reduced to low levels. Two large and
magnetically complex sunspot regions are present on the visible Sun,
however these have been much less eruptive than would normally be
expected based on empirical models. In theory the potential for M and
possibly X class flares remains however this history of these regions
suggests this is unlikely. 2 small CMEs have been observed that are
likely to strike the Earth late on the 7th or early on the 8th of
February however only minor effects are expected. HF radio propagation
conditions are currently very good due to enhanced ionising EUV
radiation from the Sun causing a stronger ionosphere.

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