[ips-dhfpr-euro] MUF Descriptive Text Fault Fixed

rwc rwc at ips.gov.au
Thu Nov 17 14:37:08 EST 2005

Dear European HF report Customers

Re: Observed European Region MUF Descriptive Text Incorrect

Thankyou for bringing to our attention the fact that the
observed descriptive text which was being reported each day 
in the European Daily Report was wrong. 

The error occured due to the observed foF2 values (vertical MUFs)
being compared against the wrong median monthly foF2 values (too high) 
causing a constantly reported "depression". This has now been fixed. 

Note that the observed T index values reported are not affected by 
this problem, which is why the text and index values did not match.

Apologies for taking so long to rectifiy this fault.  

Garth Patterson
IPS Services Manager

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