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Mon May 15 23:33:59 EST 2006

A fairly good aurora was seen on Friday night (12th) between 1330 UTC and 
1500 UTC at Casey station, Antarctica.
The display was mostly green in colour with tinges of red, some diffuse 
patches with denser curtain like formations, at an angle of 45 degrees to 
overhead, from the northwest to northeast of station. Some photographs are 
available if requested. The full moon made photography difficult.

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It was spectacular here last night Michigan]. So, we are anticipating
beautiful show tonight. The night sky was wonderful but alas, being a
night, we had to pull the plug after some night gazing and send the
halflings to bed.
Fair raio aurora last nite in central KY.  Nothing seen, but never see
even the
big ones because of light polution, etc

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On 12/14/06 at 0245 UT we had a strong aurora in West Haven Connecticut at
Lat. 41.271 and Long. -72.983. The red part of the aurora extended to
our south
but dissapated after about 30 minutes. To our northwest, there was a very
bright orange yellow glow that persisted to about 0300 UT or later.

					  Michael Amato

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