Report of Aurora Observation

anonymous anonymous at fakedomain.ips
Wed Oct 2 10:04:43 EST 2002

Location:  Mt Wellington and West Hobart, Tasmania

Time:  	Local Time:  Observed 10pm to1:15am 1/10/2002-2/10/2002
	UT:  1300 - 1615 01/10/2002

Aurora commenced with green bands to about 25deg in the southern sky at about 1300UT.  At about 1415UT, on Mt Wellington, Bands/curtains from East to West to about 35 deg, and were slight green in colour, with occasional red to the south east, and west.  Then had the fast moving continuous waves to the highest peak in the sky, and then about another 15 deg to the north, so it looked like the aurora was coming from the north, so the aurora filled up over half the sky.  There was no cloud, and no moon.  Brilliant!

Michael Dempsey
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